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Spud Publishing Inc.

Debut ebook

Debut ebook

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This is the digital version of Debut

Spud Pub invites you to experience the culmination of a peer review and workshop adventure undertaken by nine emerging artists and authors. From mind to media, five tales and ten captivating illustrations will take you to: 

a mysterious early morning warehouse

a horse-headed enigma

an abandoned boon

a call answered

a heart-wrenching paranormal battleground

We are excited to share with you these original stories and accompanying artistic interpretations: 

Our Debut. 


  • Amy Gerein
  • Chenise Puchailo
  • Don Gaitens
  • Irish Williams
  • Rachel Sikorski


  • Amy Gerein
  • Irish Williams
  • Jenny Kong
  • Romy Poisson
  • Shaan Khan
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